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About Us
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Wing Chun Kung Fu is a ‘soft’ Martial Art – invented by a Shaolin Nun over 300 years ago, with the single goal of defending oneself in the minimum time, using minimum energy, yet with maximum effectiveness – renowned worldwide for its simplicity, directness and effectiveness.
Wing Chun went through two notable historical changes/ improvements. The first in Fat Shan, China by LEUNG Jan and the second in Hong Kong by YIP Man (another major historical contributor to the advancement of Wing Chun is JIU Wan). Sifu NG Chun Hong studied under 3 of YIP Man’s first generation of senior Hong Kong students: (JIU Wan, LOK Yiu and WONG Shun Leung).
Sifu NG Chun Hong has managed to blend and preserve the Wing Chun that he learnt to an extraordinarily proficient standard – and he has personally tested and proven his skills while working as a senior officer in the Serious Crimes Unit of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Hong Kong – a unit formed to tackle triad and organised crime syndicates.


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Marvon Wilkinson immigrated to Hong Kong where he studied Wing Chun under Sifu NG Chun Hong for 14 years, and is now committed to teaching NG Chun-hong Wing Chun in Canada in its pure and authentic form, Jing Jung.
“Jing Jung” meaning as handed down in its unmodified form through an authentic lineage of generations.
Sifu NG Chun Hong’s Wing Chun is of a unique essence, and it is this very same authentic Wing Chun that is taught at the “Wing Chun Jing Jung Association” (WCJJA).


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Our school is a place where students want to come and learn traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.
At the WCJJA, we aim to provide each student with a safe and enjoyable environment where everyone, irrespective of status or ability, is valued as an individual. We are committed to teaching NG Chun Hong Wing Chun to sincere, dedicated, enthusiastic and diligent students. At the WCJJA, we also aim to provide a structured teaching curricula aimed to develop the individual’s potential to the maximum.

*** Wing Chun Kung Fu is not a sport, but will equip you with confidence & skills
to face ‘real fight’ situations! ***

When observing Wing Chun in action, its apparent signatures are perpetual explosive techniques that are both direct and aggressive. Yet Wing Chun can still be practiced in a controlled and extremely safe manner.

Wing Chun techniques and concepts are simple, direct and practical.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is fun, and safe to learn.

We are committed to teaching the NG Chun Hong Wing Chun system.

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School Vision:
→ To proliferate the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and to create students of a comparable calibre to my teacher’s (NG Chun-hong) school based in Hong Kong – which is the best place I know of to learn Wing Chun in its completeness and correctness.

– 3rd Generation Student of Yip Man,
– 1st Generation Student (direct student) of NG CHUN-HONG.
– 14 years in Hong Kong; 8 years in the UK; 7 years in Canada.

What You Will Learn:
– traditional Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, as taught by Sifu NG Chun-hong.
– practical techniques that have been tried, tested and proven !

– Downtown Toronto, at Bloor & Queens; opposite Museum Subway station.

– our school is open to the general public.
– beginners/intermediate all mixed in same class.
– any age, fitness level, stature – Wing Chun suits all.

Getting Started:
– you can signup at any time of the month.
– clothing: bring loose clothing and sports shoes.
– there is no uniform, but School T-shirt should be purchased after your first month.

Other Information:
– we have a FAQ page on our general website.
– School website (Home Page): http://www.wcjja.com
– Contact Us email/call us should you have any further questions.

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