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Contact Us:

Email:         info@wcjja.com
Website:     www.wcjja.com
Location:    Queens Park & Charles Street West (opposite Museum Subway Station)
Telephone:  647-339-6985 (phone or text)

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– responses to your frequently asked questions

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Your Questions?:

Will I get hurt?

At the WCJJA, all classes are taught in an extremely safe and controlled manner. While at the same time you will benefit by learning how to defend yourself/family/friends/innocent, and improve your general health.

What’s the difference between Kung Fu & Karate?

Typically, Kung Fu originated from China. While Karate was founded in other parts of Asia such as Korea, and Japan.
In general, Kung Fu is considered to be a softer style of Martial Art. Wing Chun Kung Fu in specific, prides itself in being a simple and direct Martial Art, and does not rely on using brute force or overly excessive strength. The effectiveness of Wing Chun is a result of its core principles based on physics, science & human biometrics.

Any other methods incorporated within the WCJJA curricula?

At our school, we do not include a mixture of other Martial Arts or combat systems – we teach Wing Chun in its authentic and orthodox form. As such, there will be no: use of boxing gloves; breaking blocks of bricks/wood; mimic of animal/insect behavior; practice of athletic feats, leaps, spins, flying kicks or stunts; bodybuilding/weight-loss programs.

Any beginner, children or women’s only classes?

Generally, all levels of students learn within the same class. Students are frequently grouped and taught in rotating pairs. Our WOMENs Only classes will resume as soon as possible. We do not currently offer KIDs classes.

Did Bruce Lee really learn Wing Chun?

Yes, Wing Chun is the main style learnt by Bruce Lee. Wing Chun is much different to what Bruce Lee used in his Movies. The techniques used in his challenge bouts (based on Wing Chun) differ significantly to what you see in his movies. In fact, Wing Chun was invented by a woman (Shaolin nun) with the goal to allow a woman (relatively weak) to defeat men (relatively strong).
Wing Chun is very soft (well, that’s the way it was taught to me by my Sifu) and direct.

Etiquette or rules of the WCJJA?

At our school we do not allow: Bullying or egoism. Participation in politics. Discrimination (sex, race or stature). Respect your classmates and environment. Train hard. Have fun. …. and Enjoy!!

Why should I study at the WCJJA?

We have a large portfolio of proven techniques to keep you engaged and challenged for many years.
Our school mission is to proliferate the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and to create students of a comparable calibre to my teacher’s (NG Chun-hong) school based in Hong Kong – which is the best place I know of to learn Wing Chun in its completeness and correctness.
To sum it all, see our 5 reasons explaining Why WCJJA.

How do I get started?

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