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Sifu NG Chun-hong Wing Chun Lineage (SUMMARY):


Wing Chun Lineage:

At the WCJJA we are committed to the Yip Man lineage, as taught to me by my Sifu NG Chun-hong

Instructor Wing Chun background:
*  a direct student of NG Chun-hong.
*  3rd Generation student of Yip Man.
*  studied 14 years in Hong Kong.
*  studied 8 years in UK.
*  teaching 7 years in Canada.

Sifu NG Chun-hong Wing Chun Lineage (DETAILED):

wong shun leung lineage
Wing Chun History
ng chun hong wing chun
Sifu NG Chun-hong
ng chun hong wing chun lineage
Marvon’s induction

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