….. we have 5 solid reasons!


1: New Class Program:

  • WING CHUN for Street Fighting: results you can use on the streets!
  • Tailored for today’s busy professionals who seek effective results, quickly!

2: Strong Lineage:

  • Instructor: direct student of NG Chun-hong and 3rd Generation student of Yip Man.
  • Instructor: studied Wing Chun 14 years in Hong Kong, 8 years in UK & teaching 7 years in Canada.

3: Personal attention:

  • Paired / one-on-one training (as close to private tuition you could get).
  • Develops your confidence to apply your own natural reflexes when faced in combat.

4: Accessible & Affordable:

  • downtown Toronto.
  • Contact us for our highly competitive rates; NO contract, NO membership, NO grades/sashes/belts, NO uniforms.          

5: Modern Environment:

  • Safe, friendly and fun place to practice Martial Arts ; whether for self-defense or health.
  • Anyone can learn Wing Chun irrespective of fitness, age, gender or stature.
wing chun schools in Toronto

The Science of Street Fighting

Contact us NOW to learn the
NG Chun Hong style of Wing Chun

Marvon Wilkinson Wing Chun

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