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Wing Chun Curriculum

*** Wing Chun is not a sport, but will equip you with confidence & skills to face ‘real fight’ situations! ***

Message from the WCJJA:

WSL , Wong Shun Leung system
The WCJJA offer a unique blend of Wing Chun theories and techniques taught by Marvon Wilkinson.

Marvon’s first and sincere suggestion to any student, is to do as he did and visit Hong Kong to learn traditional Wing Chun at the NG Chun Hong Wing Chun Association ….. it will be a memorable and rewarding Wing Chun experience.

Should this not be possible, Marvon Wilkinson is currently running classes in Ontario, Canada.

Taught by Marvon. A direct student of NG Chun-hong, and 3rd Generation student of Yip Man.
studied Wing Chun: 12 years Hong Kong, 8 years UK, and 7 years in Canada.

Currently, there are very few schools within Canada that teach Wing Chun Kung Fu in its pure and authentic form. This is a rare opportunity for members to study and learn this Martial Art up to a high level of proficiency in a safe, fun and social environment.


Who should take this class:wing chun against knife

This programme has been especially designed for individuals where career or family circumstances
prevent you from devoting your lifetime to learn a Martial Art.

Anyone can learn Wing Chun – irrespective of your fitness, age, gender, physique, or stature ; and whether for self-defense, fun, or health.

Your Benefits:

Within a short timeframe we will help solve your fears and problems of being faced in a “real life fight”.
Note: this programme is not a sport. This is a highly aggressive system. So if you don’t like the idea of executing a flurry of continuous attacks to the eyes, throat, temple, knee caps, vital organs, etc., you might want to consider other programmes.
(… all techniques are practiced in a safe and controlled manner, injuries at our school are negligible).
Wing Chun KicksIn most fight situations, you will be in close-quarter proximity of your assailant. Often, your assailant might be at an apparent advantage (weapon, bigger/stronger).
On the streets, there is no time to pause-and-think. No time to apply flowery or acrobatic techniques. No time to consciously replay set “what-if” scenarios in your mind where you are having to mentally simulate or guess what attack your assailant might use. Your reflexes must be simple, automatic and more importantly, effective – allowing you to defend yourself using the minimum energy, yet with the maximum effectiveness (minimum input …… maximum output).

It’s commonly known that virtual learning from armchair, youtube, internet or books is not gonna do the trick.

Wing Chun for Street Fighting is an effective and fun programme tailored for todays’ generation of practitioners. And it’s fun too!

….. the Wing Chun for Street Fighting programme is taught for self-defense only, not for abusive or overly aggressive violence.



We will get you started on day-1 practicing Wing Chun techniques and understanding how they relate to wing chun fightthe foundation forms (set patterns of movements).
– the emphasis here is in learning how to apply Wing Chun in real/practical situations.

We have a huge portfolio of techniques that will keep you engaged, and enthusiastic week-after-week.

You will learn learn dynamic combinations of …………


  • Punching & Kicking.
  • Other hand/leg combinations.
  • Generating short-range explosive power.
  • Free-fight combat techniques.
  • Stances – advancing, shifting,retreating.
  • Attack & Defense.
  • Trapping & Controlling.
  • Three Foundation Forms.
  • Sticky energy techniques.
  • Wooden Dummy techniques.
  • Immobilisation.
  • Handling multiple assailants.
  • Weapons (attack & defense).
  • Other advanced techniques.

You will study the above from various perspectives, and in varying scenarios.

In addition, you will learn:

  • How to execute a flurry of Wing Chun wing chun youtubetechniques subconsciously.
  • How to empower your self confidence and fighting competence.
  • Various simple/direct/practical aspects of attack, receive, deflect, trap and control, and transitions between these.
  • Core Wing Chun principles based on “economy of motion”, “economy of energy/force”, and “sensitivity”.
  • How the above relate to classical Wing Chun forms, concepts and techniques.
  • How to understand and control your own body mechanics effectively – upper body & footwork.
  • Awareness, Vigilance & Detecting your opponent’s intentions/movements.



wing chun girls

In our classes we pay attention to detail and individualism, which we hope will reflect on each student’s continuous self improvement.

Our regular classes provide a tailored & structured teaching curricula aimed to develop the individual’s potential to the maximum.

Join others in learning the world’s fastest growing Martial Art of the 21st Century.
The Science of Street Fighting.


Further details about the fundamentals of Wing Chun can be found here: [Fundamentals of Wing Chun]

We have five reasons why you should study Wing Chun at the WCJJA …… here’s why!


Teaching Method:wing chun workout

womens wing chunGreat emphasis is placed on one-on-one training. We will pair a junior with someone more senior. In this way,
everyone progresses quickly.

We do not teach in a regimental or military manner – the WCJJA is not the Army – you’ve found the right place to have fun as you learn Wing Chun in a safe and friendly environment.

As a bonus, you will also get a fitness workout.


Class Structure:

We offer ………….

wing chun syllabus
• Regular classes:
• Bootcamps:
• Workshops:
• Private Tuition:


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