• Introduction to Wing Chun: | • Fundamentals of Wing Chun:(Chi Sau , Forms , Weapons/Dummy:)

Wing Chun Fundamentals

*** SCHOOL VISION: to proliferate the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and to create students of a comparable calibre to my teacher’s (NG Chun-hong) school based in Hong Kong – which is the best place I know of to learn Wing Chun in its completeness and correctness. ***

Fundamentals of Wing Chun:

Some of the key components of Wing Chun include: Chi Sau, Forms, Weapons, and Wooden Dummy.

Chi Sau:

chi sauA technique to develop ones sensitivity and automatic reflexes based on an opponents’ actions. This literally translates as “sticking hands”.

The term Chi Sau is also extended to include core foundation techniques practiced with a partner in order to develop one’s grounding in the application and combination of various kicking techniques.

There are several aspects of Chi Sau. Some of which include: Dan Chi Sau, Lok Sau, Poon Sau, Dok Sau, Gor Sau, and Chi Gerk.
Advanced aspects of Chi Sau leverages on free play combination of the above, together with Forms, Weapons/Dummy.


Siu Lim Tao:
siu lim tao
The first and most fundamental form in Wing Chun.
This translates as “little idea form”.
Chum Kiu:
chum kiu
The second form in Wing Chun.
This translates as “seeking bridge”.
Biu Tse:
biu ji
The third and last form in Wing Chun.
This literally translates as “thrusting fingers”.


Muk Yan Jong:
wooden dummy - muk yan jongA form practiced against a dummy made of wood having three arms and one leg.
This literally translates as “wooden dummy form”.
Lok Dim Boon:
woden pole - luk dim bun gwun
A form practiced using a long (8-10ft) tapered wooden pole.
This translates as “6-and-half points pole form”.
Baat Jum Dao:
butterfly knives - baat jum doa
A form practiced using short (18 inch) broad-swords.
This translates as “8 cutting knife form”.

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