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Wing Chun on the Streets

*** Wing Chun is not a sport, but will equip you with confidence & skills to face ‘real fight’ situations! ***

WING CHUN – the Science of Street Fighting:

Wing Chun GirlWing Chun Fight

Our School Vision: to proliferate the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and to create students of a comparable calibre to my teacher’s (NG Chun-hong) school based in Hong Kong – which is the best place I know of to learn Wing Chun in its completeness and correctness.


WING CHUN Kung Fu for Street Fighting.

It’s effective, does not rely on using brute force, and simple to learn.
Recognised as the most effective and practical Martial Art.
On the street, here are some pointers you should be aware of 🙂

Wing Chun versusWhat NOT to do!
On the street, there is No time to apply flowery, acrobatic techniques!
On the street, there is No time to replay “what-if” techniques in your mind!
On the street, there is No second chance for survival!

What to do!
On the street, your reflexes Must be simple, natural and automatic!
On the street, your techniques Must be simple, effective and practical!
On the street, you Must be relaxed and confident!

On the street, Wing Chun works!

How we help you do it!
We offer classes in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu – allowing you to defend yourself using the minimum energy, yet with the maximum effectiveness (minimum input …… maximum output).

We will get you started on day-1 applying Wing Chun techniques and concepts that have been proven to work in real fighting situations.

We understand what today’s generation wants, so we just get “straight to the point” …..

Within 2 to 3 classes, students are already confident in using techniques they have learnt, to defend themselves / family / friends / innocent.

Join others in learning the world’s fastest growing Martial Art
of the 21st Century.
The Science of Street Fighting.
….. empowering your Wing Chun potential to the maximum!


Our Accelerated Programme:


Busy lifestyle? Need quick results? …. try our tailored Wing Chun Program:

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